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Robert White
Vital statistics
Age 8
Status Deceased
Family members

Robert White was the son of Jacob White‏. He is currently a ghost at the Lodge and follows Dr. White around everywhere. Mr. George explains that Robert died when he was eight by drowning in a pool. Robert, as a ghost, explains to Gwyneth that Dr. White, Robert's father, thinks he didn't love him because before Robert died, Robert yelled at his father and said he didn't want Dr. White to be his father. After hearing Gwyneth's side of this conversation, Dr. White seems to be consoled slightly and does think Robert loved him and that children just sometimes says things they don't mean. Robert is absolutely delighted by this.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the film adaptation of Ruby Red, the character was changed to being Lucas Montrose's younger brother instead of Jacob White's son. His cause of death was changed from drowning in a pool to falling from a window in the Temple.