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Raphael Bertelin
Vital statistics
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Eye color Green
Family members

Raphael Bertelin (born Raphael de Villiers)is the younger brother of Gideon de Villiers.


Raphael appears for the first time in the second book. In fact, he becomes Leslie and Gwendolyn’s classmate because he went away from the South of France in order not to stay anymore with his mother and stepfather. He’s described as a very handsome boy, with the same green eyes that Gideon has, who likes going out with girls. Immediately, we understand he’s attracted by Leslie Hay, Gwendolyn’s best friend. Gideon tells Gwendolyn in the first book that his younger brother has an attitude which is completely different from his and loves parties: he also said he likes his mother’s new husband and has accepted him as his father, calling him in that way.