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Paul de Villiers
Vital statistics
Age 19
Status Alive (in the past)
Physical attributes
Hair color Raven
Eye color Gold
Family members
The Circle of Twelve
Position 9th
Gemstone Black Tourmaline
Animal Wolf
Tree Mountain Ash
Alchemy Equivalent Ceratio
Musical Note E

Paul de Villiers (b. 1974) is the younger brother of Falk de Villiers,[1] the distant cousin of Gideon de Villiers and the biological father of Gwyneth Shepherd. Paul was the previous male time traveler before Gideon. Paul lives near Lady Margaret Tilney and is the ancestor of Mr. Bernard.


Disappearance into the Past[]

Paul ran away from home when he was 19 after falling in love with his time travel partner, Lucy Montrose. After witnessing the Count Saint-Germain kill his ancestor Lancelot de Villiers, the two had discovered what would happen when the blood of all twelve time travellers was fed to the chronograph. A substance, "the philosopher's stone," would be created that would make someone become immortal. They wanted to prevent the Circle of Blood from closing at all costs, so they escaped to April 8th, 1912 with the chronograph, and, by taking the chronograph with them, were never being able to return to their own time.


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