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Mr. Bernard
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Family members

Mr. Bernard is the butler of the Montrose family. It is unknown how he came to be the butler, but it is implied that he is close to Lady Arista and was close to Lord Lucas Montrose. The second time Gwyneth has an uncontrolled time travel incident, he finds her in a cupboard. He helps Gwyneth open the chest Lord Montrose told Mr. Bernard to hide in a wall.


In Emerald Green, Lady Tilney is shown calling Paul and Lucy Mr. and Mrs. Bernard. Paul and Lucy most likely adopted this last name so they could finally safely go into hiding and have a normal life. Lucy is also shown to be pregnant at the time. Though it's not directly stated in the books who Mr. Bernard is related to, according to Kerstin Gier, the author, Mr Bernhard is the child of this second child of Lucy and Paul and thus Gwyneth's nephew. Therefore, Mr Bernard is below Gwyneth on the Montrose Family Tree even though he is much older. In additon, in the movie adaptation of Emerald Green, he states that Lucy and Paul are his grandparents, causing Gwen to deduce that she is his aunt, though she is warned to keep it a secret.

Mr. Bernard has been with the Montrose family for ages. Lady Arista describes him as a "good friend of the family", Gwyneth and her siblings secretly call him "Lady Arista's eerie servant". For Grace, he is "Grandma's factotum". She once told Gwyneth that he has been there since she was able to think for herself. In Emerald Green he helps Gwyneth, Leslie and Nick to find the box which contained the chronograph.


Mr. Bernard is sometimes difficult to see through. Occasionally he suffers from sleep disorders with Gwyneth thinking that he has insomnia because he is seen awake in the middle of the night. He knows almost all the secret passages in Montrose Manor which makes him seemingly appear out of nowhere. Mr Bernhard is helpful and always polite. He occasionally helps Gwyneth with her problems. Even if he is usually aloof and stiff, he has a big heart, especially for Gwyneth. This is revealed as she is his aunt.


  • The character's name is originally "Bernhard" in German.
  • His first name begins with W.