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Lucy Montrose
Vital statistics
Age 18
Status Alive (in the past)
Physical attributes
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Family members
The Circle of Twelve
Position 10th
Gemstone Sapphire
Animal Lynx
Tree Willow
Alchemy Equivalent Fermentatio
Musical Note F

Lucy Montrose is the daughter of Gwendolyn Shepherd's uncle Harry, thus being her adopted cousin. She was known to the black sheep of the family after running away and escaping into the past with the chronograph. Lucy was the previous female time traveler before Gwendolyn. She has the same red hair and blue eyes as all the Montrose women and is very petite.

In Emerald Green, we learn that she is Gwendolyn's mother, not Grace. Therefore, Uncle Harry, actually turns out to be Gwen's grandfather. She also firmly believes that Gideon and Gwendolyn are in love when Paul disagrees. She lived with Lady Margaret Tilney for a while, until moving to her own place near Lady Tilney.


Disappearance into the Past[]

Lucy ran away from home when she was 17 after falling in love with her time travel partner, Paul de Villiers. After witnessing the Count Saint-Germain kill his ancestor Lancelot de Villiers, the two had discovered what would happen when the blood of all twelve time travellers was fed to the chronograph. A substance, "the philosopher's stone," would be created that would make someone become immortal. They realized that the count wanted it for himself to become immortal, but to preserve his immortality, he needed the ruby to die. They wanted to prevent the circle of blood from closing at all costs, when they learned that the ruby would be their own daughter, so they escaped to April 8th, 1912 with the chronograph, and, by taking the chronograph with them, were never being able to return to their own time. Before escaping, they had their child Gwendolyn in secret at Grace Shepherd's home in Durham, and left her with Grace and her husband Nicholas, who posed as Gwendolyn's biological parents.