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Lancelot de Villiers
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
The Circle of Twelve
Position 1st
Gemstone Amber
Animal Frog
Tree Beech
Alchemy Equivalent Calcinatio
Musical Note A flat

Lancelot de Villiers (1560–1607) was the first in the Circle of Twelve. He was the amber and frog. He was a Flemish Baron from Belgium who left for England with his family. On May 14th 1602 he was killed by the count of Saint-Germain in his carriage and the murder was witnessed by eighteen-year-old Paul de Villiers and sixteen-year-old Lucy Montrose, who were on their way back from watching the premier of Hamlet. The reason behind the murder was that the Baron was planning to turn over the chronograph to the Florentine Alliance, because he thought that Count Saint-Germain was a demon. The Count later hid the murder by writing in his notes that the Baron died in 1607 by an illness.

At some point in his life he met Gideon de Villiers and donated blood to the second chronograph.

It was the murder that made Paul and Lucy doubt the intentions of the count, which led to the theft of the chronograph.