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Count Saint-Germain
Vital statistics
Status Deceased (Alive; In the Past)
The Circle of Twelve
Position 5th
Gemstone Emerald
Animal Eagle
Tree Oak
Alchemy Equivalent Distillatio
Musical Note C

Count Robert Leopold de Saint Germain (b. 1703), commonly referred as Count Saint-Germain, is the emerald and was the first to figure out how to use the chronograph. When he first met Gwyneth Shepherd, he read her mind and choked her while standing on the other side of the room. It is revealed that Count Saint-Germain was immortal until Gwyneth was born. He wanted to close the Circle of Twelve so he could have the immortal dust, and he wanted to force Gwyneth to die for Gideon, for love.

The Secret writings of Count Saint-German[]

The Circle of Blood its perfection will find,
The philosopher's stone shall eternally bind.
New strength will arise in the young at that hour,
Making one man immortal, for he holds the power.

But beware: when the twelfth star shows its own force,
His life here on earth runs its natural course.
And if youth is destroyed, then the oak tree will stand
To the end of time, rooted fast in the land.

As the star dies, the eagle arises supreme,
fulfilling his ancient and magical dream.
For a star goes out in to the sky above,
If it freely chooses to die for love.

Emerald Green


  • Gideon De Villiers: He is a member of the De Villiers family, and respectively one of Gideon's ancestors.
  • Gwyneth Shepherd: Not much is known about their relationship since they've rarely met. However, the count seemed to have plans including her, as stated in Emerald Green.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Count de Saint German in the movies is portrayed by Peter Simonischek, while Johannes von Matuschka plays Mr. Whitman.