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Sending time-traveler back to the past to avoid uncontrollable irregular time-travling.

There are two chronographs in the series.

In 1994, Lucy Montrose and Paul de Villiers steal the first chronograph and take it to 1912. After the incident, it was revealed that there was a second chronograph.

Later in the series, we find out that the chronograph that Lucy and Paul had stolen was in Lucas Montrose's possession. Gwyneth Shepherd later found the stolen chronograph in her own home, and used it to visit her grandfather in the past.

Gwyneth and Gideon de Villiers used the stolen chronograph to go to the past, resulting in the Circle of Twelve to finally be complete and the immortal dust to be created.

In Emerald Green, Gideon successfully got Lucy's and Paul's blood and registered it into the second chronograph. The second immortal dust from the second chronograph got created and Gideon later brought this dust into the past to Count Saint-Germain, so that he will become immortal.


Known users[]

First Chronograph[]

Second Chronograph (users and the blood put in)[]