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Charlotte Montrose
Vital statistics
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair color Red
Family members

Charlotte Montrose (b. October 7th, 1994) is the biological once removed and adopted first cousin of Gwyneth Shepherd.


Charlotte was born on the prophesied date of a time traveler's (the Ruby's) birth. Since it was unknown her relation Gwyneth was born on the same day, she was assumed to be the the last time traveler in the Circle of Twelve. Charlotte was meticulously trained in skills such as history and piano since a young age, along with Gideon de Villiers.

Charlotte had been having time travel symptoms for the last few days.[1] The most noticeable symptom was a "dizzy" sensation. However, they were only phantom symptoms. After Gwyneth is revealed to be the true Ruby, Charlotte was no longer of interest.


Charlotte is a straight-A student and quite popular. She acts a bit snobby, because she knows things that Gwyenth doesn't. In school, Gordon Gelderman called her the "Ice Queen" referring to her prudish attitude. Because she was trained to time travel, she knows many important skills. Like dancing, fencing, and other things.

Physical attributes[]

Charlotte has glossy red hair. She is said to hide her emotions behind a "Mona Lisa" smile. She was also referred to as "tall" and "skinny" by Gwyneth.


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