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Lady Arista Montrose
Lady Arista.jpg
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair color Gray
Eye color Blue
Family members

Arista Montrose (nee Bishop), commonly referred as Lady Arista, is the mother of Glenda Montrose and Grace Shepherd. She is the granddaughter of Margaret Tilney.

Lady Arista Montrose is the widow of the late Lord Lucas Montrose and lives with her sister-in-law Madeleine Montrose, her daughters Glenda and Grace and their children at Bourdon Place 81 (Montrose Manor).


Lady Arista previously had red, curly hair, but now it has turned white to gray. She combs her hair way from her face into to a bun at the neck.

Lady Arista has inherited her stiff posture from her grandmother, Lady Magret Tilney. One comparison made by Gwendoline in the books, is that Lady Arista has bones, umbrellas nested in each other to keep it straight. She generally acts like a strict ballet teacher and rarely breaks her attitude and composure. When she does, it is only for a moment, but is quickly overtaken.


Arista last name was Bishop and is the granddaughter as the 8th time traveler, Margaret Tilney. In the Annals, she was referred to in the 1940 as "Observation No. 4 Jadelinie". She married Lucas Montrose and moved with him to Montrose Manor, where her unmarried sister-in-law Maddy also lives.

Lucas and Arista had three children: Harry, Glenda and Grace. Arista is disappointed about the partner choice of their offspring: Glenda's Charles was a "crybaby and a weakling". Grace's late husband Nicolas was as Arista liked to put it"as poor as a church mouse."

Arista has six grandchildren: Lucy, Janet, David, Charlotte, Nick and Caroline. She also has four great-grandchildren: The two children of Janet named Poppy and Daisy, and the children of Lucy, Gwendolyn and her unknown brother or sister, who lives with his parents Lucy and Paul in the past.

Arista became a widow when Lord Lucas was murdered because he knew too much about the Machinations and the true intentions of the count.


Lady Arista is a very strict person. She does not tolerate bad behaviour. Because of her stature, she intimidates people and is as good as well respected and feared. She is even refered to as "Lady" Arista, even by her grandchildren. In very few Moments she shows weakness, otherwise she mainly shows strength. She is also very serious and very rarely laughs. When Gwendolyn travelled to 1993, she listened to a conversation between Lucas and Arista, and to her shock, she heard her giggling for the first time in her life.