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• 5/5/2016

Emerald Green film poster released!

A few weeks ago the official Facebook shared a somewhat questionable image to be the poster of Emerald Green (film); the discussion is at Thread:2500.

Earlier today, however, the Facebook page finally updated its banner while releasing a more genuinely-looking poster:


What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts below!! =D

(Not entirely sure if this version is really the final selection)

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• 5/7/2016

This one looks so much better than the first poster!! Gwen is still wearing something very strange but I think I've also seen her wearing this in the second trailer...

• 5/9/2016

My thoughts exactly! This one certainly looks more legit than the previous one! And yes, Gwen was indeed wearing the suit in the trailer; now my own question is to find out whether this is something also in the books and I just forgot about, or if this is a twist exclusive in the adaptation xD.

• 5/12/2016

And I was sort of in the rights to be confused; earlier just now the official Facebook posted another one, but this time since we've already seen the one shown in the first post of the thread... This new one has some obvious Photoshopping going on...

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