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• 4/27/2016

Emerald Green film poster released!?

To be honest, the news was posted on the official Facebook for almost a week... I didn't share it immediately because while the official Facebook shared the source, they still haven't changed to using the images... And well, the rest I'll leave it in a reply since it'd be my personal opinion. xP


What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts below!! =D

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• 4/28/2016

Okay.... So while I was super exciting for the poster review... I'm honestly quite disappointed with this one lol. I was seriously unsure if it was the real deal! It just looked like a really lame Photoshop experiment!

The previous two posters at least has Gwen and Gideon LOOKING LIKE they were physically posing together in a photoshoot; this one is just straight up using two characters from separate scenes and forcing them into a same picture for the sake of having them in the same picture! They look completely mismatched! Like WTH man? Is it that hard to actually get them to pose a shot together?

Besides the randomness, what I also didn't like was breaking the consistency; the previous two posters were both upper body focused (sorry, did not check for terminology), showing mostly waist up; this one, do we really need a close to full body length shot all the way down to the ankles? I mean seriously, to me, it really doesn't make it any more visually pleasing at all.

Lastly... Man I really need to reread the books... WHAT IS GWEN WEARING???? What's going on.... Gawd I'm so confused.

So yeah, really am not happy about it. Sure I like the background but that's about it. xP

• 4/30/2016

I don't really like the poster neither. Is it just me or does Gwen/Maria look really strange into the camera?

And you're right, Gwen looks as if she came from The Hunger Games but those clothes definitely don't fit this story. I'm very confused.... :/

And Gideon looks as if he was sick or something. o.O

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