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• 4/18/2016

Mr. Marley's name? HELP!

Hi there people! Prior to posting the question as a public forum thread so that anyone can help out, I've first asked the lovely German Admin User:FinchelLivesOnForever whether she knew the answer, and she does not. Below the hairline is a direct import of the first post from the original message wall thread, but now the question is for all of you, whoever has finished the trilogy!

If you aren't patient enough to read my full length question, the gist is asking if Mr. Marley ever has his name shown as "Leopold Adrian Marley" in canon. If this is not canon material, it should be removed ASAP. I'll leave it the way it is for a month, but if nobody comes forth during and after the time period, I'm just going to assume that my copy is sound and his name was only confirmed as "Leo Marley".

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• 7/6/2016

ShadowRaban wrote in the German Wiki that Mr Marley is always just called Leo in the books, neither Leopold nor Adrian.

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