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• 4/14/2016

Emerald Green trailer released!

Posted on the official Facebook earlier today, the highly anticipated final installment, Emerald Green (film), finally has a trailer!


What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts below!! =D

Now with official English subtitles! (I'm so sorry for sharing this late! For some reason the sub version didn't show up on my feed and I only found out about it yesterday!) --Sammm✦✧(talk) 13:48, May 6, 2016 (UTC)

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• 4/15/2016

Again sharing my thoughts. I'm happy to see more clips, but I feel like the editing was so force and choppy, mainly because of the background music I suppose, felt the changes were pretty abrupt.

• 4/30/2016

So, again in the right thread. xD

Smaragdgrün - Official Trailer 2 - 2016 English subtitles

Smaragdgrün - Official Trailer 2 - 2016 English subtitles

I really LOVE the new trailer! *-* That's what I expect a trailer to be.

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• 5/8/2016

Again, I apologize for not realizing the official Facebook page had indeed posted the English subs a while back. Watching it again this time understanding the dialogue, just made me even more confused. lol

To be honest I'm a tad bit surprised I didn't even register "Raphael!!!" without the subs lmao. That's mainly where the confusion is coming from for me! I don't remember him being in serious danger in the book? Will definitely have to reread the whole trilogy at some point!

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