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• 2/5/2016

Differences between books and films (Wiki project!)

Hi there people! I was happily surprised that apparently there's other people besides myself and User:FinchelLivesOnForever on this wiki, since there's more than two people participating the poll on the main page.

The third film, Emerald Green, is coming out this summer, but who knows when the English-speaking fans would get to see it? So while we are all anticipating the final film adaptation, here's something you can help this wiki with:

I've previously written a blog, "Films vs. books", to jot down the differences I noticed immediately; I thought about simply importing the content to this thread, but I feel like the blog has my personal opinion written all over the place, so might as well start fresh. Basically, I know a lot of series when dealing with having screen adaptations, they'd have a page or section on the specific work and compare the book to its adaptation counterpart. In our case, I do not think it's the best way to work on it, because I feel like viewing the series as a whole, the story seems like it's still heading towards the same direction, just that some plot points were moved ahead, so it'd be easier to compare the books series and film franchise as sets instead of individually.

So, the project is to list out all the differences you noticed! I'm certain I missed a lot of details cuz I wasn't exactly taking notes while I was watching those films, so participate all you can! I want to get a general picture of exactly how much we are dealing with, and then decide how to format the actual "to-be-made" article page; once the first film is all covered and the second being discussed, I should be able to get it and create the page, and people can just edit the actual page from then on. =D

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• 2/8/2016

One difference is of course also Leslie's appearence. In the books, she has fair skin and blonde hair; in the films, she has dark skin and black hair. But actually that doesn't bother me - I really like Jennifer Lotsi as Leslie. :D And Madame Rossini also looks really different.

And some scenes have been added in the films: the ball at the end of Ruby Red (Kirschblütenball in German, I don't know how it's called in the English version); Gwyneth and Gideon eating at an Indian Restaurant; Gwyneth and Gideon sleeping in the archive; Gwyneth falling from the roof into the snow.

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